Write Once Use Many

Reuse the same code over and over again on your site with the [include] context.

Reusing your same code over and over again on many pages within your website is a snap. The best examples would be to have an include file with your page header, navigation and page footer. Then from every page of your website you can insert the same files. This especially makes management of navigation links a snap because you only need to keep one text file up to date.
[include file=/header_file.inc]
[include file=/navigation_links_file.inc]
{the body of content would go here}
[include file=/footer_file.inc]

The example above shows the include files saved to the root directory of your website. You could organize a bit easier by saving them in an /includes/ directory. Doing so would change the code to look like this:
[include file=/includes/navigation_links_file.inc]

Matthew Perosi - Psi Prime


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