Database backup

How to make a backup of your databases

[listfiles path=databases/]
[showif [isfile]=T]
[COPYFILE from=databases/[filename]&to=db_daily_archives/[listwords words=[filename]&delimiters=.]
[showif [index]=1][word]_[date %A_%p][/showif]
[showif [index]=2].[word][/showif]

Write a trigger to run the script 2 times a day and change the path to your DB directory. This copies all .db & .hdr files to an archive folder with the day and AM or PM. You will get a morning and evening backup of each file in your DB folder. Each week the script overwrites the files with the new ones.

Example.db would be saves as:

etc. Brian Boegershausen


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Database backup

How to make a backup of your databases...