Using a simple Array of Variables with [interpret]

The [interpret] context is very powerful command in the hands of a skilled WebDNA programmer.

Let's suppose you have need a simple array of eight variables. We could name them sequentially like this:

If we wanted to preset all these variables to null, you would use the [text] context like so:

However, there is an easier way to set them all using the [loop] context.
[loop start=1&end=8]

Later in your code you could call the variables individually by simply placing the [variable1], [variable2], [variable3] ... [variable8] where needed. But if you need to display them all at once you can use the [loop] again.
[loop start=1&end=8]

The [interpret] context is a vary powerful way of processing code inside code, and you need to be extra careful with your usage of the brackets when using [interpret] because it's easy to forget one of the ]. Understanding this is tricky for new programmers so let's break down the above example step by step:

WebDNA will always process from the inside out as explained here:

In this example the [index] provides the numbers 1 through 8.

Take the numbers and insert them where you see [index]
[variable[index]] becomes [variable1]

Expanding outward we then have [interpret][variable1][/interpret]
When WebDNA sees this it will return the information stored in the variable.

The [interpret] context is very powerful command in the hands of a skilled WebDNA programmer. It allows you to create truly dynamic code. Matthew Perosi - Psi Prime


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