Technical References - [listdatabases]

Lists all the currently-open databases.

[listdatabases]Database Tags[/listdatabases]

To display a list of all the databases that WebDNA currently has open, put a [listdatabases] context into a template. You may put a [listfields] context inside the [listdatabases] context to display the names of all the fields in the database.


Name: [name]

# Records: [numrecords]


The following tags are available inside a [listdatabases] context:

the name of the database (can be a partial or full path).
[index]A number from 1 to the total number of databases, indicating this database's index placement in the list.
The number of records (rows) in this database.
[numfields]The number of fields (columns) in this database.
Woukd show the RAM usage for a specific database.
[format thousands 0d][math][memoryusage]/1024[/math][/format]K
Any other WebDNA tag or context, including [listfields]
[listfields path=[name]][fieldname], [/listfields]
[break]From version 8.1, if the [listdatabases] context sees the [break] tag while executing a loop, it will stop looping, once it finishes the current loop. Thus the [break] tag should only appear in a [showif] statement that is evaluated at the end (bottom) of the loop.


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