Find duplicate records

Find duplicate records and do something with them

[!] ** Untested Code below ** [/!]

[table name=idandemail&fields=ie_ID,ie_EMAIL][/table]

[search db=main.db&neDB_EMAILdatarq=[blank]]
[append table=idandemail]ie_ID=[db_ID]&ie_EMAIL=[url][db_EMAIL][/url][/append]

[search db=main.db&neDB_EMAILdatarq=[blank]&DB_EMAILsumm=T]
[text]found=[search table=idandemail&eqIE_EMAILdatarq=[url][db_EMAIL][/url]][/search][/text]

[!] do something based off of [found] [/!]


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