Technical References - [capitalize]

Capitalizes the first letter of all words in a sentence.

[capitalize]Any Text[/capitalize]

To convert the words of a sentence to capitalized form, put them inside a [capitalize] context. Only the first letter of each word (any letter following a space) is capitalized. If the remaining letters in the word are uppercase, they will be changed to lowercase. If the word begins with a numeral, the numeral is left unchanged, and the rest of the letters will become lowercase. No attempt is made to be grammatically correct -- articles such as "a, an, of" are capitalized just like any other word.


[capitalize]Some Text that contains upper- and lower case letters[/Capitalize]
[capitalize]HI THERE[/Capitalize]
[capitalize]this is my 1st time at bat[/Capitalize]
[capitalize]a of on at the in or[/Capitalize]

In the examples above, the displayed text will be

Some Text That Contains Upper- And Lower Case Letters
Hi There
This Is My 1st Time At Bat
A Of On At The In Or
You can use this context to display user-entered text (such as first and last names) so they look more consistent, regardless of how the user typed them.


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