Technical References - [listvariables]

Lists all the text and/or math variables which have been set earlier on a page.

[listvariables options]Variable Tags[/listvariables]

To display a list of all the text or math variables available, put a [listvariables] context into a template.


The following are all the text and math variables available to this page:

The [listvariables] context has optional parameters that are placed within the beginning tag in order to modify the list of variables produced.


The following are the values of all the text variables created on this template so far:
[listvariables type=text]

The following are the values of all the math variables created on this template whose variable name begins with "fred":
[listvariables type=math&name=fred]

Listing the variables with a given name is useful for displaying arrays of variables.

The following parameters are optional to the [listvariables] context:
Name(Optional) The name of the variable to list.
Exact(Optional) T(rue) or F(alse) whether to exactly match the name of the variable or match any name containing the "name" value. (Default value is true.)
Type(Optional) Text or Math. Default is to list variables of both types, but if you specify Text then only Text variables will be listed, and if you specify Math then only Math variables will be listed.

The following tags are available inside a [listvariables] context:
[name]The name of the variable.
[value]The value associated with the variable.
[index]A number from 1 to the total number of variables, indicating this field's index position in the list
[secure]Displays "T" if the variable is secure, "F" otherwise.
[break]From version 8.1, if the [listvariables] context sees the [break] tag while executing a loop, it will stop looping, once it finishes the current loop. Thus the [break] tag should only appear in a [showif] statement that is evaluated at the end (bottom) of the loop.


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