Technical References - [setheader]

Changes header values in a shopping cart.

[setheader Parameters]values[/setheader]

To change header values in a visitor's shopping cart, place a [setheader] context into a template. Whenever WebDNA encounters a setheader context, it opens the shopping cart file and changes values in the headers you specify. The header fields of a shopping cart hold all the information for the order except the specific items. The header contains all customer and payment information, as well as tax rate. The header also contains fields for credit card authorization codes returned once the card is processed.

There are a vast number of named header fields matching commonly used data, as well as 40 generic fields. Refer to the order file section for a list of all available header fields.


[setheader cartV78&db=catalog.txt]ShipToZip=92128&Header9=Blue[/setheader]

Shopping cart file "5678" opens, and ShipToZip changes to 92128 and Header9 changes to "Blue" (as specified in the context above).

Here are the parameters to the [setheader] context:
dbProduct database containing the SKU, price, and other information.
cartAffected shopping cart file (from ShoppingCarts folder).
file(alternative to cart) Affected shopping cart file (from any folder). Unlike cart, this file can be in any folder. Specify the file URL-relative to the template.
Context valueDescription (these values go inside the context)
Header FieldAny header field. See order file for the list of available header fields. You may also set any header field at the same time you add or modify a product to the cart ([addlineitem] etc).


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