Formatting a long list in a table

How to show the result of a search as a table, for instance a 30 row per 10 columns table.

[Search db=bases.db&nefacturadata=0&facturasort=1
<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" bgcolor="white">
[showif [index]\10]
[hideif [numfound]\10]</tr>[/hideif]

Explanation: First, move the original <tr>...</tr> outside of the founditems loop. The founditems loop keeps track of which founditem you currently are focused on. The backslash operator in the showif comparison says "is divisible by", i.e., "is [index] divisible by 10?" If so, close out the current table row and begin a new one.

The last comparison makes sure that there is not an extraneous </tr> in the case when the number of items returned is also divisible by 10. Joe D'Andrea


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