How old am I?

You want to express an age in years given the dob (mm/dd/yyyy) and today's date.



[!]Separate year in the format mm/dd/YYY into component parts [/!]

[math show=f]birthdatemonth=[getchars

[math show=f]birthdateday=[getchars

[math show=f]birthdateyear=[getchars start=7][dob][/getchars][/math]

[showif [date %m]>[birthDateMonth]]
[math show=f]age=[date %Y]-[birthDateYear][/math]
[showif [date %m]<[birthDateMonth]]
[math show=f]age=([date %Y]-[birthDateYear])-1[/math]
[showif [date %m]=[birthDateMonth]]
[showif [date %d]=[birthDateDay]]
[math show=f]age=[date %Y]-[birthDateYear][/math]
[showif [date %d]>[birthDateDay]]
[math show=f]age=[date %Y]-[birthDateYear][/math]
[showif [date %d]<[birthDateDay]]
[math show=f]age=([date %Y]-[birthDateYear])-1[/math]


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