WebDNA FastCGI 8.5.1 for Apple OS X Sierra

WebDNA FastCGI 8.5.1 for Apple OS X Sierra

WebDNA can be used for free after download. Just install and try it out! The only restriction is very limited concurrent page requests, which makes it unsuitable for a live webserver but is perfectly fine for a developer.

We want to make it free and very easy for everyone to try out our products. Then, once you are sure you like WebDNA as a development tool, visit store.webdna.us to purchase a certificate.

A fresh install of Sierra with or without WebServer 5 (Apple)

TO INSTALL WebDNA package: double click on the file and run the installer repeatedly if you want to install to multiple locations.

If you get a message that "the software canít be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", just go to the "System Preferences > Security and Privacy" and chose "Open Anyway"

The installer will take care of the dependencies, directories, permissions etc...

Thank you for using WebDNA!
WebDNA Software Corp. Dev Team.

Get WebDNA 8.5.1 FastCGI version for Sierra

If you want to upgrade from a previous version of WebDNA FastCGI 8.x to WebDNA FastCGI 8.5.1, just download the executable here, move the FastCGI you want to replace to the trash, and replace it with the executable you just downloaded and unzipped. Be aware that BioType certificate registration will not show if you use this method, because the administration interface has been updated from 8.2 to 8.5. To update this part, you can download a new /WebDNA folder from here.

Then, from the terminal, you need to log as root:

sudo -s

enter your password and copy-paste the following lines:

cd /path_to_your_website/WebDNA/
chown www:www WebDNA.fcgi
chmod 555 WebDNA.fcgi

Then gracefully restart WebDNA.fcgi through apache:

apachectl restart

The administration > statistics page should now show that you run WebDNA 8.5.1



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