4. Password Protecting

How to password-protect a page using WebDNA

Now, let's consider you want some privacy: you want to protect protectedpage.dna with a login and a password:

[showif [username]!myself][authenticate user][/showif]
[showif [password]!TRE45][authenticate password][/showif]
my protected page

Try it... it will show only if you enter "myself" and "TRE45". Without the login and the password, there is NO WAY to see the page content, even by searching the source code in your browser: it will just not show.

Another way? Just add a group ("mygroup") with a login and a password in the WebDNA general admin page, then protect any page with this simple context:
[PROTECT groups=mygroup]

That's it, your page is now 100% secure...

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