Technical References - [time]

Putting [time] in your template displays the current time set on your web server's clock.

The format of the time is normally HH:MM:SS (24-hour clock), but you can change the default format by changing the TimeFormat preference in your WebDNA admin area. You can also override the default time format by specifying a format inside the tag, such as [time %I:%M %p], which resolves to this style: 11:30 AM.

Use these formats in the [time] tag, which can be combined with ordinary characters, such as the colon and space in the example above.
%H....: Hour 00-23
%I....: Hour 01-12
%M....: Minute 00-59
%p....: AM or PM
%S....: Seconds 00-59
%X....: Time as 14:01:12

Mix and match:

[TIME %A, %I:%M %p] --> Friday, 10:30 AM
[date %A, %I:%M %p] --> Friday, 10:30 AM

[time format=%I:%M %p] is the same thing as [time %I:%M %p]

See [date] for more information.

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