Kendo UI

This is a Code Library built with WebDNA, JSON and AJAX

Watch the Code Library here

It features resizable, sortable & rearranging table columns, just click & hold a column to move it left or right. Click on a title to see it sort. Drag the column divider to resize. Inline editing is done via AJAX and JSON. It is built with frames so they are resizable in the normal way.

The textarea is built with an elastic line numbered background.

There are a few other bells and whistles.

Get the Code Library by Stuart Tremain

The Kendo UI is easy to install but the documentation is a bit all over the place when it comes to configuration. However, this gives some good insite: Kendo UI

The hardest thing was getting the JSON to come off the server properly, but there is a trick that uses [setmimeheader]

This is also invaluable for getting things right: JSON

If your JSON does not validate then the Kendo will not work. The trap I fell into was pasting my code into the validator which showed as valid, however the server was sending back Content-Type text/html which caused the validation to fail. I had the server set up to serve .json files as application/json but when I ran it through WebDNA it reverted back to text/html. This in the top of the files creating the JSON fixed the problem:

[SETMIMEHEADER name=Content-Type&value=application/json]
Stuart Tremain


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