Technical References - [addfields]

[addfields db=...]...WebDNA...[/addfields]

The [addfields] context adds new fields to an existing WebDNA database.

First, lets use the following code to create a new test database and run a simple search on the new database.

[closedatabase db=addfields_test.db]

[writefile file=addfields_test.db]IDNAME
1 Scott
2 Rusty
3 David
4 Daniel
5 Dustin


[search db=addfields_test.db&neIDdata=[blank]&rank=off]
[ID] - [NAME]

1 - Scott
2 - Rusty
3 - David
4 - Daniel
5 - Dustin

Now, lets use the [addfields] context to add EMAIL and PHONE fields to the 'addfields_test.db' database, initializing the new field value with some arbitrary data. We will again perform a simple search on the same database to confirm that the new fields, and field data, have been added.

We use the following WebDNA code:

[addfields db=addfields_test.db]EMAIL=us@com&PHONE=12-1235[/addfields]

[search db=addfields_test.db&neIDdata=[blank]&rank=off]
[ID] - [NAME] - [EMAIL] - [PHONE]


1 - Scott - us@com - 12-1235
2 - Rusty - us@com - 12-1235
3 - David - us@com - 12-1235
4 - Daniel - us@com - 12-1235
5 - Dustin - us@com - 12-1235

the [addfields] context will not add fieldnames that already exist in the target database.

[addfields] will not add more than 4 fields at one time; in the following example, the "fifth" field will not be added

[addfields db=test.db]address=[blank]&website=[blank]&brochure=[blank]&Home=[blank]&fifth=[blank][/addfields]

[deletefields] feature has been added in version 8.6
[deletefields db=test.db&fieldnames=column1,column4]


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