How to setup CODA to work with WebDNA?

This page will show graphically how to setup CODA as a WebDNA partner :-)

WebDNA and CODA are perfect partners: with WebDNA running on your Mac OSX, apache will look for your sites inside /Library/WebServer/Documents/
This is the most convenient place to keep all your websites.
Let's imagine a site "WSC_2009" (which is this one, actually...)

First of all, CODA must understand the .dna suffix:

note the "dna" extension:

You can now setup your site: the complete path will be /Library/WebServer/Documents/WSC_2009/

Once CODA found it, it should appear on your board

Now, you can start working; I use the classic html view, and the WebDNA code just appears in green:

The control view shows your code interpreted by WebDNA

(note the site URL)

Christophe Billiottet


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