Technical References - [listfiles]

When listing files, WebDNA provides a number of tags to display file info

[listfiles FolderPath]File Tags[/listfiles]

Parameters used in the context
path (required) The path to the folder which is to be listed. This path is relative to the template.
ShowInvisibles(optional) Macintosh only: if set to T, then display invisible filenames, if set to F, do not display invisible filenames
Name (optional) filters files by name
Exact(optional, used with Name) if set to T, then display filenames that match 'Name' criteria exactly; if set to F, partial match is enough

Tags available inside the ListFiles context
[isfolder]"T" if this item is a folder. "F" otherwise.
[isfile]"T" if this item is a file. "F" otherwise.
[filename] Name of the file.
[fullpath] Full path to the file, starting from its containing FolderPath.
[moddate]Last date the file was modified.
[modtime]Last time the file was modified.
[createdate]Date the file was created.
[createtime]Time the file was created.
[size]The file's size, in bytes.
[index]The file's position in the list
[startpath]The folder path leading to the file.
[break]From version 8.1, if the [listfiles] context sees the [break] tag while executing a loop, it will stop looping, once it finishes the current loop. Thus the [break] tag should only appear in a [showif] statement that is evaluated at the end (bottom) of the loop.

There is no facility for sorting the file list within the [listfiles] context. This is determined by the server. One way to sort is to capture the results in a [table] context, then search and sort the table as desired.

You can use the 'Name' and 'Exact' parameters with the [listfiles] context to 'filter' the results.

For example:

If the current folder contains the files:


[listfiles path=../&name=file1&exact=f]

Results will be:


Directory file listing, with files and only files, showing only .png and .swf files and no file extension?:
[listfiles path=./]
[showif [isfile]=T]
[if ("[filename]" ^ ".png")|("[filename]" ^ ".swf")]
[grep search=\..*&replace=][filename][/grep]


If the current folder contains the files:


Results will be:


(See "WebDNA vs. PHP") Terry Wilson


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