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Welcome to WebDNA 8, [ scripting simplified ]

WebDNA Server

WebDNA Server is the worlds premier development tool for building dynamic websites. WebDNA Server 8 includes the powerful WebDNA Programming Language which is both scripting and databases built-in!

WebDNA Server also includes commerce tools, including a basic eCommerce site builder, back office order management, and ready-made payment authorization capabilities.

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WebDNA FastCGI leverages the power of the WebDNA Engine and packages it for a wider range of web servers through the connection of FastCGI.

WebDNA is free to use and can be downloaded here

Build your entire web app on this platform for free. Then, to unlock the speed accelerator of the free version, simply purchase an accelerator certificate for your domain here.

WebDNA FastCGI is different from WebDNA Server in these ways:
- Its licensing model is based around single domains
(each installation works with only a single domain and each domain has a single administration page)
- FastCGI has natural benefits from process isolation
- MySQL tags are not available
WebDNA Team


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WSC Products

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