A short description of how WebDNA processes your web pages

WebDNA is a very powerful Server Side interpreter; it includes an unlimited, high speed database engine.

WebDNA is a CGI application that works with all major Macintosh, UNIX and Windows web servers to provide eCommerce, database, and dynamic page rendering capabilities to any site.

On the World Wide Web, when somebody types the URL of a static page in the browser, the server sends it exactly as it is stored on the webserver's hard drive. The visitor's browser then interprets the HTML tags to render the page on its screen.

With WebDNA, your HTML page includes some additional instructions within square brackets [...]. These instructions actually are the WebDNA program and interact with regular HTML tags, allowing the developer to build without limits: regular HTML tags, including javascript tags, can be activated, removed, added, modified according to math, date, time, database records, cookies, other pages from other sites content, browser type, visitor's previous action, visitor's IP, visitor's browser, etc.; the list is endless and anything on an HTML page can be modified using WebDNA.

When your visitor types the URL of the page in its browser, the web server does not send the content to the visitor's browser yet: first it sends it to the WebDNA engine, which interprets the WebDNA tags, and returns the HTML content dynamically generated to the web server, which in turn forwards it to the visitor. This process is actually faster than serving static pages from disk and classic databases, as everything with WebDNA is RAM based.

You now have a weapon to do whatever you want with your pages, from an eLearning site to an eCommerce site, a business application in an intranet or just a form to email. WebDNA is the perfect companion for Google Chrome, too. Christophe Billiottet


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A short description of how WebDNA processes your web pages

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