How many working days?

This small script finds the number of working days between two dates

numero = 297
interpreted = N
texte =
[text]startdate=02/01/2004[/text][text]enddate=02/24/2004[/text][math show=f]workingdays=0[/math][loop start=[math]{[startdate]}[/math]&end=[math]{[enddate]}[/math]][hideif |Sat|Sun|^[format days_to_date %a][index][/format]][math show=f]workingdays=[workingdays]+1[/math][/hideif][/loop]Working Days=[workingdays]

[math show=f]workingdays=0[/math]

[loop start=[math]{[startdate]}[/math]&end=[math]{[enddate]}[/math]]
[hideif |Sat|Sun|^[format days_to_date %a][index][/format]]
[math show=f]workingdays=[workingdays]+1[/math]

Working Days=[workingdays]


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